Best budget restaurants in Venice

Best budget restaurants in Venice

Venice is quite expensive city and if our readers plan to stay there for several days then we believe that they should read this article about the best budget restaurants in Venice where they can taste wonderufl venetian food at an affordable price.

Fist on our list Venetian restaurant Cantina do Spade
Cantina Do Spade is truly a wonderful restaurant in Venice. Cossetted away from the traffic jam, this restaurant offers a great menu with reasonable prices to its visitors. Here you may taste great cicchetti and sipping an ombra of good wine. A true Venetian spirit you will find in Cantina Do Spade.

Second on our list of the best budget restaurants in Venice is Corte dell'Orso restaurant
Corste dell’Orso is a typical Venetian osteria. Located near Rialto Bridge, this restaurant offers one of the best bruschetties that you can find in Venice. Corte dell’Orso offers to its visitors a snack area, where visitors usually just take a drink,  most often spritz and snacks. If visitors would like to have a proper lunch or dinner there is a large restaurant space inside where you may enjoy typical Venetian fish meals.Prices are reasonable and we would definitely recommend our visitors to go for it.

Third place on our list goes to Al Timon restaurant
Here one may taste delicious Venetian food in an authentic Venetian neighborhood. These charming two restaurants are located outside of the city center. Here you may have a proper dinner but if you are not that hungry, that is just fine, because you can choose a plate of cicchetti and enjoy it with the glass of wine or prosecco. Cicchetti is a typical Venetian snack, which normally includes tasteful fried fish, or meat, or fried mozzarella. Taste is great and both Al Timon and All’Antica Mola offer reasonable prices.
Al Timon is a steakhouse and reserved for meat lovers, while All’ Antica Mola is a place for those who would like to taste fish specialties.

Fourth place on our list of the most budget restaurant in Venice goes to Bacaro al Ravano
Bacaro al Ravano is a great place where you can try famous spritz and enjoy sliced mozzarella cheese, prosciutto and small meatloaves and potato loaves. This is a small place where the probability that our visitors find a place to sit, especially at peak times, is minimal. However, visitors may always choose to stand, grab their snack and drinks and simply enjoy. Space has always been Venice’s major issue but we are sure that pleasant meal and a spritz will make up for the lack of space. Prices are really affordable.

Fifth on out list is the Osteria Sepa
Osteria Sepa is place that has been open since 2018. It is very close to Rialto Bridge and visitors can hardly miss it. Here visitors may find great Venetian “street” food such as polpette, risotto, cicchetti, baccala’ and many other specialties. Wines are rather good so visitors should feel free to try them. Keep in mind that prices are affordable but there are not very many places to sit. This is not a typical restaurant but more like a small local eatery.

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