What to do in Tenerife

What to do in Tenerife

On this page visitors shall find the list of the best things to do in Tenerife. Tenerife is truly amazing island where you will have the oportunity to see wonderful tourist attractions, spend your time on inctedible beaches and enjoy the walk in one of the numerous coast cities located on this beautiful island.

The first on our list is Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is the capital of Tenerife, a city with a population of 205 thousand people. Until 1927, Santa Cruz de Tenerife was the only capital of the Canary Island, but in 1927, this role was forwarded to Las Palmas, the capital of Gran Canaria. Santa Cruz de Tenerife boasts the largest marina in Spain, as well as various architectural styles that make the city beautiful, most notably the building of the Auditorium designed by Santiago Calatrava, who is considered to be one of the most important modern-style architects of the world.

Second place on our list of best things to do in Tenerife goes to Teide National Park. It is the largest park in the Canary Islands and it should be at the top of your visit list once you come to Tenerife. The park is situated at the center of the island of Tenerife and is the largest and oldest of the four national parks of the Canary Islands. With a surface area of around 190km2, the Teide mountain reaches a height of 3718m above sea level at its highest point, making it the tallest mountain in Spain.

The third on our list is The Dragon Tree, also known as El Drago Milenario, is the oldest and largest specimen of the Dracaena Draco tree. The tree is around 800 years old, and is one of the most important natural, cultural, as well as historical symbols of Canary Islands. The Dragon Tree is over 16 meters tall and its trunk is 20 meters wide. When the tree is cut into, it acquires a reddish color, which is where the name Dragon Tree originates.

The 4th place goes to Candelaria - a small town located in the southeast of Tenerife. The town covers an area of 49.18m2 and has a population of roughly 26 thousand people. Candelaria has been one of the island’s religious centers ever since an image of the patron saint of the Canary Islands, The Virgin of Candelaria, was found etched in a rock in the town. Every year, thousands of votaries flock to the town’s basilica, even though the original image of the Virgin was lost in a raging storm during the 19th century.

The fifth on our list is Los Gigantes, which means “Giants” in Spanish, is a small sea-front town in Santiago del Teide on the western coast of Tenerife. Its main attraction are the giant stone formations, which the locals call Acantilados de Los Gigantes. These stones reach heights between 500 and 800 meters, and they are what the city was named after. Los GIgantes is a truly magnificent place hidden by mountains, so visitors should be aware of the fact that the air in the town can get very humid and windless during the summer.

Sixth place goes to Los Cristianos - a small town cituated at the southern shore of Tenerife. It is a very modern town mostly situated along the shore, but in recent time it has seen spreading into the inside of the island as well. The town is a popular tourist place and it has a ferry pier.

The 7th of our best things to do in Tenerife is beach Tejita. Playa La Tejita is located in El Médan, next to the volcanic cone of Montaña Roja (Red Mountain). The area is a protected natural reservation (part of the Montaña Roja National Reservation), which means that access by car is not permitted. Visitors can use the parking area located a few hundred meters from the beach itself. The beach is not very crowded, even though it is truly beautiful, and this is mostly due to the occasionally high waves that wash over it. The beach is perfect for surfers, as well as those who simply enjoy the colors of the waves while they bask in the sun. Sun beds are available for rent at the beach, and the beach is truly worth a visit.

Our 8th place goes to the natural pools on the north of Tenerife. Garachico Natural Pools belong to the El Caletóna area in the north of Tenerife. They are located lose to the Castle San Miguel (16th century), as well as the Garachica stone, formed as a consequence of a volcanic eruption in 1706. At the time, the area was the most important pier on Tenerife, this clear water area is perfect for all who enjoy the open sea and bathing in natural pools.

The Arena beach is on our 9th place. Playa de la Arena is a resort situated south from Los Gigantes and Puerto Santiago on the western shore of Tenerife. Near Los Gigantes, the cliff of Giants, a beautiful black sand beach is situated. The beach is covered completely in naturally black volcanic sand. The beach is one of the cleanest beaches on the island, and has received many European blue flags for its cleanliness.

The 10th place goes to del Duque beach. Playa del Duque is an exquisite beach situated in Adeje in the south of Tenerife. The entire era is an exclusive resort, and the beach doesn’t lack the status either. Take a walk along the golden sand, feel it between your toes, take a swim in the warm, crystal clear water, relax in the comfortable sun beds in the great sun, while listening to the sound of waves that gently wash over the shore. Pure enjoyment!

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