Best bars in Venice

Best bars in Venice

Venice, as entire Italy, is full of bars. Some of them have incredible fame and some local bars would really surprise you since their bartenders won numerous prizes in most prestigious contests in the world and they really make incredible cocktails. This is the list of the best bars in Venice.

The first place on our list - Time Social Bar
When you enter a cocktail bar, what would you expect? Here you will be welcomed with a smile, you will have the opportunity to drink something different and spend a moment of relaxation. In the Time Social bar, they try to do this every day. After you enter the bar, you will suddenly notice a unique furnishing, something in-between a cozy living room and an artisan’s shop. The passion with which they run this bar can be noticed through the attention to details and the selection of primary ingredients: spirits, fresh fruits, homemade cordials, juices, ginger beer….yes, TIME Social Bar seems to have all secrets when it comes to perfect cocktail preparation.

The second on our list is Il Mercante bar
Il Mercante is absolutely an amazing place to visit. Here visitors can enjoy great Venetian food, normally cicchetti and surely the best cocktails in Venice. Interiors are decorated in true Venetian style and this is a really unique place. The passion for bar tending and taking pride in hospitality are the most important aromas in every drink they serve. At least that is what they tend to say. Not to mention that each cocktail tells a different tale. Prices are reasonable and we hope that visitors will not hesitate when deciding if this place is worth a visit.

Third place goes to one and only Harry's bar
This is one of the oldest bars in Venice. Bars are normally associated only to coffee drinking and brioche in Italy however, it is hard to believe that one would go into Harry’s bar just for a cup of coffee, although some people simply do. This place is simply wonderful, from incredibly cozy restaurant atmosphere, great service and amazing location one could really say that Harry’s bar is the most perfect one in Venice. Food is truly exceptional and this is a highly recommended restaurant. In 2001, the Italian Ministry for Cultural Affairs proclaimed it a national landmark.

The fourth bar is actually not a typical bar, istead its a Cafe Florian
Cafe’ Florian is among the best-known cafés in the world. This is one of the last few places where visitors can actually feel the atmosphere of the cafés of the last century. Cafe’ Florian was a spot where many cult movie scenes were shot, such as “Summertime” and “The Talented Mr. Ripley”. Cafe’ Florian was open for the first time in 1720 under the name Alla Venezia Trionfante. However, this name did not last long and Caffe’ was renamed Florian after his owners name Floriano Francesconi.
This Cafe’ used to be a cultural hub for a number of artists, intellectuals, architects and historians during its long history. Even the famous and infamous Giacomo Casanova is believed to have frequented these quarters for his own insatiable carnal pleasures right at this cafe’. If our visitors would like to experience a true Venetian spirit, they should visit Florian Caffe’.

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