Harry’s Bar in Venice

Harry’s Bar in Venice

This is one of the oldest bars in Venice. Bars are normally associated only to coffee drinking and brioche in Italy however, it is hard to believe that one would go into Harry’s bar just for a cup of coffee, although some people simply do. This place is simply wonderful, from incredibly cozy restaurant atmosphere, great service and amazing location one could really say that Harry’s bar is the most perfect one in Venice. Food is truly exceptional and this is a highly recommended restaurant.
In 2001, the Italian Ministry for Cultural Affairs proclaimed it a national landmark.

(!) Keep in mind that this is also considered to be an expensive Venetian restaurant.

Here you may find some examples of menu from Harry’s Bar

Traditional Venetian dishes
Beans soup
Cuttlefish with polenta
Calf’s liver à la Veneziana

Classic dishes of Harry’s Bar
Baked tagliolini with ham
Rice pilaf à la Valenciana
Risotto Primavera
Scampi Thermidor
Fillets of sole Casanova with rice pilaf
Chicken curry with rice pilaf
Cipriani Carpaccio with a green salad

Working hours of Harry’s Bar in Venice
Harry’s Bar is open every day from 10:30am to 11:00pm.

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