Bula Restaurant

Bula Restaurant

Bula Neobistro restaurant owner grew up on a farm and as a child dreamed of food she could not have in the Trøndelag region. By opening her restaurant Bula Neobistro, she turned her dreams into reality. She made fast food a restaurant type. The dishes served in the restaurant are tempting, well combined and nicely served, so here you can eat home-made sausage with bread and toppings, melted cheese in a cup with croutons for dipping, etc. The dishes are full of flavor, we can say that they violate all the rules of the diet, they are often salty and fatty, but as such they are excellent and always interesting. If you book a table, you have from 5 to 10 dishes from the menu, but if you stop by the bar you will get smaller dishes and snacks.

Renee Fagerhøi was chosen as the best chef in Norway in 2016. Her imagination, freedom of mind, fun spirit produced a very unusual restaurant, with specific tastes and an unusual interior made up of paintings, a Dolly Parton gift shop and a tub filled with ice and bottles.

If you want a fun atmosphere, something new and different and delicious food at the same time - Bula is the right choice for you!

The price of the menu of 5 types of dishes is around 85€, drinks with these five dishes are 76€
The price of the menu of 10 types of dishes is 120€, drinks with these 10 dishes are 97€
The price of snacks in the bar is from 8.5€.

Working hours:
from Wednesday to Saturday from 5pm - 12am.

Author of the text:

Maja Glavaš, Bachelor with Honours in Communicology. Works in Tourism.
Contact: [email protected]; instagram: travel_europe1

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