Cafe’ Florian

Cafe’ Florian

Cafe’ Florian is among the best-known cafés in the world. This is one of the last few places where visitors can actually feel the atmosphere of the cafés of the last century. Cafe’ Florian was a spot where many cult movie scenes were shot, such as “Summertime” and “The Talented Mr. Ripley”.

Cafe’ Florian was open for the first time in 1720 under the name Alla Venezia Trionfante. However, this name did not last long and Caffe’ was renamed Florian after his owners name Floriano Francesconi.

This Cafe’ used to be a cultural hub for a number of artists, intellectuals, architects and historians during its long history. Even the famous and infamous Giacomo Casanova is believed to have frequented these quarters for his own insatiable carnal pleasures right at this cafe’.
If our visitors would like to experience a true Venetian spirit, they should visit Florian Caffe’.

(!) Please keep in mind that there are two different menus in Florian Caffe’ - one at the Counter and one at the Table – and these two menus have different prices. The menu tends to be more expensive at the table. Here visitors can take a coffee or an aperitif accompanied by mouthwatering mini sandwiches or by the delicious macarons.

Working hours of Caffe’ Florian
Caffe’ Florian is open every day from 9:00am to 12:00am.

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