Best Islands to visit in Venice

Best Islands to visit in Venice

Here our visitors may find the best islands to visit in Venice. Venice has approx. 120 islands. Some are not inhabited at all and some are simply not open for tourist visits, however, Venice has some of the most wonderful islands in Italy that you should not miss if you visit this beautful city.

The first place on our list of the best islands to visit in Venice is the Burano Island
According to most visitors, Burano Island is one of the most beautiful islands of the Venetian Lagoon. Can you even imagine that each house of this island is painted in a different color? Colors are definitely something that sets this island of fishermen apart, but this is not all, there is also something untouchable, maybe the warmth of its inhabitants and the island that even though completely invaded by tourist during summer, do not close their doors to visitors.The main attraction of the island are its colorful houses. The unprepared tourists usually get mesmerized by the incredible effect of the colors, since almost every house is painted in a different color. It is important to mention that this is not a modern practice intended to draw tourists to the island, but rather a long lasting tradition, the origins of which are not known.

The second best island to visit in Venice is the Murano Island
Murano Island of Venice is famous for the Venetian Murano glass and is one of the most visited islands of the city. Hundreds or even thousands of tourists visit it each day eager to take a stroll among numerous Venetian glass stores, cafes and restaurants. Also, here you will be able to visit glass factories and learn about the production of Murano glass that has managed to win the hearts of people around the world for centuries now. Murano is one of numerous islands in the Venice lagoon that is located north of the historical center of Venice. Today it is one of the best known islands among tourists, who usually dedicate one or more days for just visiting the islands of the Venetian lagoon. Murano Island, as most islands of Venice, is composed of seven small islands that are interconnected by bridges and divided by canals.

The thirt best island to visit in Venice is San Giorgio Maggiore Island
San Giorgio Maggiore Island is maybe the most well-known landscape of Venice, as it ends up on almost all photos of the city. All tourists that visit Venice make it to the St. Mark’s Square from where they take photos of the island, but rarely decide to visit this jewel of the city. The island has no restaurants or cafes, nevertheless it is an incredibly charming island, definitely worth visiting. The first buildings on the island were destroyed in a devastating earthquake in the 13th century. After the fall of the Venetian Republic, the monastery was suppressed. At first, the island was converted into a port. From 1851, the island and the monastery became home to Austrian soldiers, where they formed an artillery command.

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