Most important holy places in Trebinje

Most important holy places in Trebinje

On this page visitors can find the best and most visited holy places in Trebinje. Trebinje was at the crossroads between different influences. From the Ottoman Empire, through Byzantium to the Serbian state. Thus, the cultural influences were different over time. That is why, in addition to the Orthodox churches in Trebinje, there are also Catholic churches as well as beautiful mosques built during the rule of the Turks.

The Cathedral of the Holy Transfiguration of the Lord is located in the very center of Trebinje, in the Jovan Dučić Park. The temple was built between 1888 and 1908. There are several architectural styles in the temple, primarily Gothic and Byzantine style. The main iconostasis in the church was made by the Montenegrin artist Marko Gregović - On the bell tower of the church there is a large gilded cross that was added during the restoration. The cross was cast in Trebinje, and the gilding was done by the famous artist from Novi Sad, Alexei Ivanchev. During the renovation, a new floor was installed in the church, the surrounding garden was arranged and a bust of the former Serbian Patriarch Pavle was added.

Tvrdoš Monastery is a cultural and historical treasure of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The monastery is dedicated to the Assumption of the Mother of God and is the most important monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The name Tvrdoš refers to a "hard place", due to its "invincibility" because it was built on rocks with a beautiful view of the river Trebišnjica. The monastery was built on the site of a Byzantine church from the 4th century, which was built here during the reign of Emperor Constantine, the ruler of the Eastern Roman Empire. The monastery gained special significance in the 13th and 14th centuries under the rule of King Stefan Milutin.

Hercegovacka Gracanica is located on a hill above Trebinje and is one of the most visited turistic destinations in Trebinje. Hercegovacka Gracanica was built according to the last wish of the famous poet Jovan Ducic. The wish was read when Ducic's will was opened. The poet wanted to rest on a hill above his beloved city in a church that would be similar to Gracanica from Kosovo and Metohija, which was built by King Milutin in 1321. The details and symbolism in this church are simply amazing.

The Imperial Mosque or Sultan Ahmed Mosque is located in the Old Town (Kastel), not far from the main (western) gate and city walls. It was built of hewn stone and covered with a hipped roof in imitation of a dome under eternit. An octagonal stone minaret, 16 m high, was erected along the right wall and was one of the most beautiful in Herzegovina. It was built in 1726 and is the endowment of Osman-pasha Resulbegović. The builders were Dubrovnik masters. It is easy to recognize the elements of Mediterranean architecture.

Osman Pasha's mosque is located in the Old Town. It was built of hewn stone, while along the right wall there is an octagonal minaret, 16 meters high. The mosque is one of the most beautiful in Herzegovina. It was built in 1726. It was built by order of Osman-pasha Resulbegović. Near the mosque, Osman Pasha built a mekdeb and a madrasa. The mosque soon became known as the most beautiful in Herzegovina. The word spread to Istanbul, where the sultan was informed that Osman Pasha had built a mosque under his own name, more beautiful than the Imperial or Sultan mosque in Trebinje. For this reason Osman Pacha was killed in Istanbul by Sultan Ahmed.

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