Top 10 tourist attractions in Venice

Top 10 tourist attractions in Venice

On this page you will find the top 10 tourist attractions in Venice. It is not easy to decide what to visit in Venice as the city city is full of interesting sights, monuments, museums, islands and many more attractions. However, we managed to make a list of top 10 tourist attractions in Venice that will match the expectations and tastes of our readers.

The first place on our list of the top 10 tourist attractions in Venice is the Basilica of San Marco
The St. Mark’s Basilica is the most prominent religious and one of the most important historical buildings in Venice. Its richly decorated interior are dripping  in gold and frescos that still wear the scent of Constantinople makes it stand out from most  religious buildings in the world. It is probably the main tourist attraction as well, that leaves no one indifferent which makes it a must for those visiting the city. The entrance is FREE of charge.

The second plase on our top 10 tourist attractions in Venice goes to the Rialto Bridge
This bridge is one of the symbols of Venice with a very interesting story. It is an important crossing point of the Gran Canal daily used by vast numbers of tourists, but it also offers a chance for shopping because of numerous small shops on both sides of the bridge and a market on one side of it.The fist stone architectural solution of the bridge was so brave, that some architects deemed it destined to collapse soon after it was built. Nevertheless, the bridge defied the popular belief and stood firm for many centuries to come.

Among top 10 tourist attractions to visit in Venice is the Venetian Gondolas
Venetian gondolas are maybe the most well-known symbol of the city. The charm of the intricately designed gondolas and gondoliers in their traditional costumes make it impossible to resist a ride. Gondolas are typical Venetian boats that were designed for the specific conditions in the lagoon. These boats were used in Venice for centuriesas one of the main means of transportation. You would like to have a cheap gondola ride? Read ll the details on the following link.

The fourth most popular attraction among the top 10 tourist attractions in Venice is the Saint Mark's Squre
St. Mark’s Square represents the city center of Venice and the center of once prosperous Venetian Republic. It is the largest and the most impressive square in the city that inflames emotions and admiration of visitors from all around the world.The Saint Mark’s Square is also a perfect place to enjoy an espresso, cappuccino or a glass of wine in one of the numerous cafés. Be aware though, the prices especially in these cafés are unusually high for most tourists. Do not be surprised if you pay more than 10 Euros for a cappuccino.

The fift most popular attraction among our Top 10 tourist attractions in Venice is The Bridge of Sighs in Venice
The Bridge of Sighs is one of the best-known and most photographed tourist attractions in Venice. The bridge served the purpose of transporting the prisoners from the prison to the council and torture rooms where they would be interrogated. Interestingly, the name of the bridge is owed to romanticism literature according to which the prisoners’ sighs could be heard as they crossed the bridge for the last time after having heard their sentence. While crossing the bridge on their way back to their prison cells, they could also see the Venetian lagoon for the last time.

The 6th most popular attraction on our list of top 10 tourist attractions in Venice is the Murano Island in Venice
Hundreds or even thousands of tourists visit it each day eager to take a stroll among numerous Venetian glass stores, cafes and restaurants. Also, here you will be able to visit glass factories and learn about the production of Murano glass that has managed to win the hearts of people around the world for centuries now.

The 7th most visited attraction on our list of top 10 tourist attractions in Venice is The Venetian Carnival
According to tradition, the origins of the carnival date back to the 12th century and the victory of the Venetian Republic over Patriarch of Aquileia. When the news reached the city, people started gathering on the San Mark Square to dance and celebrate. This event later became an annual tradition that continued throughout centuries. It is interesting that in 1797, under the rule of the King of Austria, the carnival was forbidden together with the tradition of wearing masks of any kind. The Carnival in Venice only returned in 1979 with an initiative of Italian government wanting to bring back the history and culture of Venice.

The 8th most popular attraction on out list of top 10 tourist attractions in Venice is The Museum of Doge’s Palace in Venice
Museum Plazzo Ducale is located in Doge’s Palace on St Mark’s Square. For centuries this building represented the center of the Venetian Republic, a building where most important political and economic decisions were made, trails curried out and where the Venetian Doge (elected ruler of Venice) lived. By visiting this museum, you will understand the wealth and power of the republic, and probably remain speechless in front of the magnificent council chambers.

The 9th most visited attraction according to our top 10 tourist attractions in Venice is The Burano Island in Venice
According to most visitors, Burano Island is one of the most beautiful islands of the Venetian Lagoon. Can you even imagine that each house of this island is painted in a different color? Colors are definitely something that sets this island of fishermen apart, but this is not all, there is also something untouchable, maybe the warmth of its inhabitants and the island that even though completely invaded by tourist during summer, do not close their doors to visitors.

The last attraction on out list of top 10 tourist attractions in Venice is The galleries of Accademia
The is one of the most significan museum that you will find in Venice. It holds numerous paintings of the most prestigious Itlin painters as well as the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci. The Vitruvian Man has been in the Gallerie dell'Accademia since 1822.This Leonardo’s masterpiece is available to public only on certain dates during a year and when exhibitions dedicated to Leonardo are organized.

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