Best events in Venice

Best events in Venice

When we talk about the best events in Venice the firts thing that corsses our minds is the Venetian Carnival. Even if this is the major and also the main event in this city it is most certainly not the only one. Here you will find the list of the best events organized in Venice.

First place on our list of the best events in Venice goes to the Venetial Carnival
According to tradition, the origins of the carnival date back to the 12th century and the victory of the Venetian Republic over Patriarch of Aquileia. When the news reached the city, people started gathering on the San Mark Square to dance and celebrate. This event later became an annual tradition that continued throughout centuries. It is interesting that in 1797, under the rule of the King of Austria, the carnival was forbidden together with the tradition of wearing masks of any kind. The Carnival in Venice only returned in 1979 with an initiative of Italian government wanting to bring back the history and culture of Venice.

The second place on our list of the best events in Venice goes to The Venetian Regatta
The regatta in Venice is one of three most important events in the city. After Venetian Carnival and Venetian Film Festival, it is the most well-known event among tourist and locals. It consists of a historical parade followed by races in different categories, which attract large numbers of tourists each year. The regatta in Venice or in Italian Regata Storica is an annual event that consists of a historical boat parade and afterwards boat races. It is organized on the first Sunday in September, which means that the exact date will be different each year. Venetian regatta takes place on the Gran Canal, where locals and tourist cheer for their favorites and observe the parade from both banks of the canal.

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