Most Expensive Restaurants in Venice

Most Expensive Restaurants in Venice

There are numerous expensive restaurants in Venice that will satisfy the wishes of the most picky visitors. Here visitors will find the list of the most expensive restaurants in Venice.

The first place on our list goes to Club del Doge
Club del Doge has stunning location on the Grand Canal. Club del Doge offers an authentic Venetian gourmet cuisine with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients. The culinary art is combined with restaurant’s warm atmosphere, attentive service and stunning location. This restaurant has outstanding service but also very high prices.

The second place on our list of the most expensive restaurants in Venice goes to Tarazza Danieli
Restaurant Terazza Danieli is located on the roof top of a 5-star hotel Danieli Excelsior. Admittedly, this restaurant has a unique location – from this terrace visitors can see Venetian Lagoon. Even if you decide to sit inside,  the spacious windows are there to make sure  you do not miss out on the splendid view. The menu celebrates the city's historic role as the crossroads between the East and the West, with locally-sourced foods complemented by a fine selection of wines from the Venetian area. Here visitors can discover the flavors of the Venetian tradition. Every Sunday Terazza Danieli organizes a brunch from 12:30pm to 3:00pm. You can download the manu of the restaurant on its website.

The third restaurant on our list is Belmond Hotel Cipriani with its 3 restaurants
Belmond Hotel Cipriani is located on an island Giudecca. This five star hotel owns three restaurants where visitors may enjoy a true culinary paradise. The chief motto of all three restaurants is: Time transcending glamour meets modern culinary artistry.

Restaurant ORO - A culinary feast with an artistic edge for our palate  - This restaurant has really beautiful interior decorated with glittering Murano chandeliers and dome shaped gold-leaf ceiling. Here visitors may taste great seafood with fresh vegetables. Pure flavors paired with an imaginative flair are the main features  of one of the best restaurants in Venice.

CIP’s Club - CIP’s Club is both, elegant and modern. It is believed to be one of the most romantic settings in all Venice. Here visitors may have lunch or dinner and beautiful panoramic view on the Saint Marc’s Square. The menu is based on Italian specialties.

GIUDECCA 10 - In Giudecca 10 visitors may taste the best Italian flavors and plain and ordinary dishes made using traditional methods. This can also be considered as an authentic Italian trattoria where main flavors are based on garlic and basil. The terrace of Giudecca 10 is simply amazing.

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