Drago Milenario - The Dragon Tree

Drago Milenario - The Dragon Tree

The Dragon Tree, also known as El Drago Milenario, is the oldest and largest specimen of the Dracaena Draco tree. The tree is around 800 years old, and is one of the most important natural, cultural, as well as historical symbols of Canary Islands. The Dragon Tree is over 16 meters tall and its trunk is 20 meters wide.

When the tree bloomed in 1995, it boasted around 1800 flowery branches, and its load in fruit increased by 3.5 tons. The Dragon tree is one of the symbols of Tenerife. It is depicted on the coat of arms of the Icod de los Vinos municipality, and it appears in many local legends. When the tree is cut into, it acquires a reddish color, which is where the name Dragon Tree originates. It is a truly magnificent sight to behold, and since you surely haven’t seen anything like it anywhere in the world, we highly recommend you pay a visit to this local attraction.

Next to the tree, the vast Drago Parque is located, with its many species of Drago trees, as well as other indigenous species and a small botanical garden.

Ticket prices for the Parque
Regular entrance fee: €5
Discount price for students and pensioners:  €3
Discount price for children under the age of 8: €2.5
(!) You can see the Dragon Tree from the city square completely FREE OF CHARGE.

Open hours
From April to September: between 9am and 8pm.
From September to April: between 10am and 6pm

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