Buenavista del Norte

Buenavista del Norte

Buenavista del Norte is a town located in the northwest of Tenerife. Its streets remind somewhat of Andalusian architecture. Apart from the influence of the Conquistadors, a blend of Portuguese tradition and local Guanchos helped create the unique flair of this small town. The locals have kept their tradition alive, such as the local trades of wood-carving, as well as the manufacturing of reed and hay from the local forest.

Buenavista includes the area of the Teno rural park, which is art of the network of protected natural reservations of the Canary Islands.

The beaches of Buenavista are mostly stone-based and ideal for fans of diving and fishing, but there are also natural pools near the city, true marvels of nature perfect for you to enjoy. The entrance to the natural pool zone is free of charge, but the number of people who enjoy the pools at a time is limited, which means that you should reserve a spot by registering yourself via an app at least a day before you plan to visit the site.

The vegetation of the city is more lush than anywhere else in the island, and banana farms are also no rare occurence. Some natives roffer accommodation in near and inside the very banana plantations, which is a truly unique experience for all who visit the area.

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