Museum of communism in Prague

Museum of communism in Prague

There is no doubt that the Museum of Communism doesn’t deserve to be the number one among tourist attractions of the city that it was given by most traveling websites. The collection is really small; the entrance is on the first floor next to a Casino and not that easy to find. Nevertheless, there are some interesting showpieces that may be attractive to visitors.

The museum of Communism in Prague is a private museum and a very small one, dedicated to the period of Communism in Czechoslovakia and Prague. The collection of this museum is divided in three sections: Communism the Dream, The Reality and The Nightmare. In these sections, they tried to cover the following areas: daily life, politics, history, sports, economics, education, the arts, media propaganda, the army, militias, police and the secret police, censorship, judicial institutions and political labor Camps. To some visitors it may appear that there are more areas that they intended to cover than the pieces on display.
Finally, after visiting the museum it is hard to shake off the feeling that this museum is actually an effort of anti-communism propaganda. Politics aside, to say that the Russian Space program gave the results such as: the first satellite in space, first dog in space, first astronaut in space etc. because they captured a few German scientist after the Second World War and because Lavrentij Berija (chief of Soviet security) was arresting Russian scientists to solve the research problems in camps, is a really bold one. We leave it up to you to decide.

Ticket price for the Museum of Communism in Prague
Regular ticket price is 190 (CZK-Czech Koruna).
Reduced ticket price is 150 (CZK-Czech Koruna).
Reduced price: for students with the ID card.
Free entrance: children under 10 years of age.

Working hours of the Museum of Communism in Prague
The museum is open every day from 09:00 to 21:00h.
Museum is closed on 24 December.

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