The City of Prague Museum

The City of Prague Museum

If you are in love with the city of Prague as usually many tourists are, you should visit the City of Prague Museum. It tells a story of the city of Prague from the period of prehistory and its first inhabitants, covers the arrival of Slavs, Medieval and Baroque period in Prague, all till the modern era and the beginning of the 19th century.

This museum is located in a beautiful building built in 1989. The City of Prague Museum hosts both permanent and temporary exhibitions that last for several months.
Permanent exhibitions are: Prague in Prehistory, Medieval Prague, Prague at the turn of the modern era and Baroque Prague. In addition to these permanent exhibitions, visitors can enjoy the 3D projection of Langweil’s model of Prague and visit the Museum for Children dedicated to the youngest visitors.
Prague in Prehistory
This exhibition is dedicated to prehistoric inhabitants of Prague. It offers answers to who they actually were, where they lived, what they ate, how they dressed, how they buried their dead etc. and it covers the period until the arrival of Slavs.
Medieval Prague
This section is dedicated to the construction of the Prague castle and the later expansion of the settlement. After the foundation of the Old Town in the 13th century and the New Town in the 14th century Prague continued to grow to become a major European center. This exhibition shows the daily life of the medieval inhabitants, preserved in the collected household objects that testify about a developed economy, religion and education.
Prague at the turn of the modern era
In this section of the museum visitors can learn about Prague in the late Gothic period (15th – 16th century) and the development of Renaissance ideas which were followed by political unrests. Again, the household objects are on display, which tell a story of Prague from this historic period.
Baroque Prague
In the 17th and 18th century Prague saw a significant development in art production and the quality of the work. The collection on display, including sculptures and painting, will take a visitor to a journey to this specific period of Prague’s history.

Langweil’s 3D model of Prague
One of the attractions of the City of Prague Museum is certainly Langweil’s model. Langweil’s model is a realistic model of the city of Prague from the 19th, built only out of cardboard and small wooden elements. Antonin Langweil was a library attendant who, in his free time, started building a realistic model of Prague, its buildings and streets, in the scale 1:480. Recently, a 3D video of the model was made, which lasts for about 6 minutes and can be watched in the museum. This video puts you on the streets of Prague and with a soundtrack it tries to depict the atmosphere of the city from that period. Nevertheless, this 3D projection is a projection made from the cardboard model, therefore do not expect great graphics and a realistic representation of the city.

Ticket prices for the City of Prague Museum
Regular ticket price is: 120 CZK.
Reduced ticket price is: 50 CZK.
Reduced price: senior citizens over 65, students between 15 and 26 years ova age, children between 6 and 15.
Family pass (maximum 2 adults and 4 children): 200 CZK.
Free entrance: children under the age of 6 and disabled individuals.
Fee for the 3D projection of the Langweil’s model of Prague including the visit to the Children’s Museum: 30CZK (reduced 15CZK).
Fee for taking photos: 50 CZK.
We advise you to check ticket prices and working hours before visiting – check the official website of the City of Prague Museum.

Working hours of the City of Prague Museum
From Tuesday to Sunday working hours are: 09:00-18:00h.
Last Wednesday in a month: 09:00-20:00h.
Closed: Mondays.

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