Tourist map of Milan

On this map visitors may find all of the tourist attractions in Milan, including: sights, museums, monuments, religious buildings, shopping zones and nightlife zones. You can zoom in or out the map and discover what is hidden in different zones of the city.This map is a very useful tool for those that wish to plan their trip and also allow to our visitors to get familiar with what is located near their accommodation in Milan or next to the attractions in the city they do not want to miss.

Milan is the business capital of Italy, but also a city full of events that evoke proud history of the city as well as modern art performances, fairs and architectural exhibitions that offer to their visitors a unique window into the future. In Milan there are numerous museums, the tickets for which in most cases are quite affordable, while visits to some museums are even free of charge on some days. Since Milan is one of the four capitals of the world fashion, it is not hard to imagine why in this city most visitors look to enlarge their wardrobe by visiting numerous flagship sores as well as outlets, which sometimes offer up to 80% discounts. Nightlife zones of the city are also very popular, since they are divided into different zones that offer different kinds of experiences. In case visitors of Milan are in search of long romantic walks, Brera and Sempione zones are a perfect choice, while in case tourists are in search for a bit more active nightlife experience we suggest Navigli or Isola zones. History lovers and those that appreciate religious art will be fascinated by the beauty of the Duomo Cathedral, the beauty of Brera Art gallery, rich collections of Ambrosiana Art Gallery and by the glow of less known Gallery of Italy.

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