The Napoleon Museum in Rome

The Napoleon Museum in Rome

The Museum of Napoleon or in Italian Museo Napoleonico is a very interesting museum with the collection that reflects the greatness of the Bonaparte family. The entrance is free of charge.

Giuseppe Primoli, the son of the count Pietro Primoli and the princess Carlotta Bonaparte, decided in 1927 to donate to the city the whole art collection which represented the memories of Napoleon and his family, together with the rooms of the ground floor of his building where the collection is exhibited even today. The wish of Giuseppe was not to glorify the family Bonaparte but rather to tell a more intimate story about the family through the art pieces of the collection and to highlight the tight connection of Bonaparte family and Rome.

The collection is composed of three different historical periods: the period of Napoleon, there are statues and portraits of Napoleon and some members of his family in conventional poses; so-called Roman period - from the fall of Napoleon till the reign of Napoleon III; the period of the second kingdom - represented through the paintings, sculptures, furniture and objects that tell a story about French history which was dominated by the figure of Napoleon III.
Several rooms have completely preserved ceilings from the 18th century. These elaborate decorations are most notable in the rooms 3 and 5, with a dominant lion figure which was a symbol of the family Primoli and the eagle as the symbol of the Bonaparte family. They actually represent the union of these two families through the marriage between Pietro Primoli and Carlotta Bonaparte in 1848.

Ticket prices for the Napoleon Museum in Rome
The entrance is Free of charge.
Audio guide – 4€ (in English, Italian and French).
We advise you to check ticket prices before visiting – check the official website of the Napoleon Museum in Rome.

Working hours of the Napoleon Museum in Rome
From Tuesday to Sunday the working hours are: 10:00 – 18:00h (last entrance at 17:30h).
On 24th and 31th December working hours are: 10:00 – 14:00h.
Closed: May 1st and December 25th.
We advise you to check working hours before visiting – check the official website of the Napoleon Museum in Rome.

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