Exhibition Gallery in Rome

Exhibition Gallery in Rome

Exhibition Gallery or Palazzo delle Esposizioni is a gallery located in a beautiful neoclassical building and is dedicated exclusively to temporary exhibitions. Apart from the exhibition space there is also a cinema (139 seats), an auditorium (90 seats), a café and a bookshop.

The gallery is situated in a neoclassical building with more than 10,000 m2 reserved for the exhibition space, a cinema, an auditorium, a café, a restaurant, and a bookshop. The exhibitions are of temporary nature and usually a result of exchange with other international cultural institutions.
Before you decide to buy a ticket ask about the current exhibitions because sometimes the exhibition is so modest that it cannot be justified with the high price of tickets. Some exhibitions are rather specific and will not suit everyone’s taste.
(!) It is not possible to take photos inside the gallery.

Interesting facts

  • On October 28th 1932, Benito Mussolini opened an exhibition dedicated to the Fascistic Revolution in this gallery. The exhibition lasted for 2 years, with more than 4 million visitors.
  • This exhibition of Fascistic Revolution was supposedly dedicated to the evolution of Italian history; instead it was mostly characterized as propaganda with which they tried to reach as many people as possible.
  • Since it was regarded as a huge success, this exhibition was reopened in 1937 and 1942 but it never reached the previous number of visitors like the one in 1932.

Ticket price for the Exhibition Gallery or Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome
Regular ticket price is 12.50 Euros (€).
Reduced ticket price is 10 Euros (€), (individuals younger than 26 and older than 65).
Reduced price: 6€ (individuals between 7-18 years).
Free entrance: children younger than 7 and disabled individuals and their companions.
(!) Every first Saturday in the month, from 14:00h till 19:00h, for those younger than 30 the admission is free. This is valid only for individual entrance and not for organized groups.

Working Hours of the Exhibition Gallery or Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome
Closed: All Mondays
On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday working hours are: 10:00 – 20:00h.
On Friday and Saturday working hours are: 10:00 – 22:30h.
Last admission - one hour before closing time.

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