Tourist map of Religious sights in Rome

On this map visitors may discover the location of all of the most important basilicas, churches and other religious buildings in Rome. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the papacy ruled the city for a long period of time. This resulted in construction of an incredible number of basilicas, churches and temples in the city, to the extent that to a modern tourist it may seem that there is a church in Rome each hundred meters or so. These beautiful and artistically decorated buildings are definitely worth visiting no matter if you are a religious person or not. On this map you will find just the most important religious sites in Rome.
You can zoom in or zoom out the map or you can click on the icons in order to see the name of the attraction and find links that will lead you directly to articles.

This is the icon that we use for all religious sights on this or any other map.

In order to see all of the attractions that draw tourists to Rome, we advise you to open the Map Tool on the page of Rome. This is how you will be able to discover locations of sites, museums, shopping & nightlife areas etc. that are close to your hotel or close to the attractions you plan to visit. These maps will help you plan your trip and decide which attractions you will manage to visit depending on your preferences and time available.

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