Madeira Island:

Achadas da Cruz Cable Car

Achadas da Cruz Cable Car

Amazing, incredible, intense, emotional, are just some of a few words visitors of this unique place say after experiencing a ride in Achadas da Cruz cable car and after they having seen all the beautiful beaches bellow the cliff.

According to some, it deserves to be named the best attraction of the whole Madeira Island. The cable car in Achadas da Cruz takes visitors from a several hundred meters cliff strait down to the beach. The ride is emotionally intense and exhilarating - perfect for those seeking adventure and not so perfect for those afraid of heights.

Because of it geology, the island of Madeira looks like a cone in the middle of the ocean, meaning that some of the beaches are completely inaccessible and surrounded by enormous cliffs. This is the case with Achadas da Cruz beach that is surrounded by several-hundred-meter-high cliffs which can be accessed only by a cable car.
When you get to the beach of Achadas da Cruz there is a several-kilometer-long paved trail that takes you on a beautiful walk through the improvised small local summer houses and along a beautiful volcanic beach. It is a perfect chance for a walk, a picnic or just for a nice break on the rocky beach.

(!) Even though from above it looks there are houses on the beach and almost a village, these houses are not inhabited throughout the year and there is not even one store where you can buy things you need. Be sure to at least bring enough water with you.
(!) During the winter months, winds can be extremely strong, which means that the ride in the cable car can be very turbulent and intense. If the wind speed passes certain mark (if it is too strong) they will stop lifting people. But do not panic, the wind usually settles down soon enough.
(!) Even though operators of the cable car do not speak English, try to inform yourself on when the last cable car will be lifted from the beach. Another thing to pay attention to is the word you have to say on a portable radio (walkie talkie) located in each cabin in order to be lifted.

Ticket price for Achadas da Cruz Cable Car
Both way ticket costs around 3 Euros (€).
The ticket price is substantially cheaper in comparison to other cable cars on the island, because this sight is not so visited by tourists who prefer to stay close to the capital city of Funchal.

Working hours of Achadas da Cruz Cable Car
From Monday to Sunday working hours of the cable car are: 10:00-18:00h.
(!) Remember that cable car is operating only till 18:00h!!! During the visit of the author of this text there was a German tourist who missed the last ride and had to wait alone on the beach of Achadas da Cruz till next morning.

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