Madeira Island:

Cabo Girao Madeira’s highest cliff

Cabo Girao Madeira’s highest cliff

Cabo Girao is the highest cliff on Madeira Island and the second highest cliff in the world. On top of the cliff there is a viewpoint that offers such a great view on the Atlantic Ocean, the city of Funchal and of course very distant beaches straight bellow.

Cabo Girao is the name of the second highest cliff viewpoint (or belvedere) in the world. On top of this cliff there is a concrete construction that allows to visitors to have an amazing view on the southern shore of Madeira Island and the capital city of Funchal. Recently, a small outer section of the construction was covered in glass, offering to visitors a nerve-wrecking view on the beaches underneath the cliff.
The cliff itself is almost a vertical wall that is 580 meters high. The view is so overwhelming that visitors usually hold tight the fence while observing in silence 580-meter-distant beaches beneath the cliff.

You will see beneath the cliff beautiful cultivated fields jut next to the shore. Due to their volcanic origins, Madeira’s beaches are often hidden by impressive cliffs and are quite hard to reach. Just until recently, these fields could be approached only by farmers in boats. Because of this, a new cable car was built, which now allows the farmers to reach their fields more easily.

Next to the viewpoint there is also a bar and several souvenir shops. Finally, more than 1,000 people visit Cabo Girao each day. The figures testify that this cliff is one of the main attractions of the island and certainly worth visiting.

Ticket prices for Cabo Girao, Madeira’s highest cliff
The entrance is Free of charge.

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