Madeira Island:

Punta do Pargo viewpoint

Punta do Pargo viewpoint

Punta do Pargo viewpoint on Madeira Island is best known for its breathtaking view on the cliffs and distant volcanic beaches beneath the cliffs. Those that enjoy walking and nature should not miss this opportunity of yet another magnificent view that Madeira has to offer.

Punto do Pargo is located in the far west part of Madeira Island. This area of the island is characterized by huge cliffs that do not allow access to the beaches below, as well as grassy plains that emphasize the charm of the island and its geological diversity. 
The name of this place comes from the fact that it is the most western point of the island (punta-point) and that the waters are very rich with snapper fish (porgo- snapper fish).
For tourists it is significant for its astonishing view on the cliffs, far beaches beneath the cliffs and the Atlantic Ocean.

Right on the edge of the cliffs there is a large parking as well as a café, which most visitors remember for its tea and the beautiful view.

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