Ada Ciganlija Lake

Ada Ciganlija Lake

Ada Ciganlija is an artificial lake in Belgrade, a very well-known nightlife zone, a great place for numerous sport activities, a perfect place to take a swim during warm summer days and so much more. Do not miss the charm of Ada Ciganlija and its numerous cafes and restaurants that offer a great opportunity to spend time with friends, do sport activities or just take a splendid walk around the lake.

Ada Ciganlija is also a natural island in the Sava River, which is one of the two great rivers of Belgrade. In 1967, one branch of the River around the island was closed, transforming the island into a peninsula and creating an artificial lake. Overtime, the island, the lake and the surrounding area became known under the cumulative name of Ada Ciganlija.

The artificial lake became so popular among the local population that during the summer time it is visited by hundreds of thousands of people each day. It is packed with beautiful cafes, restaurants and even nightclubs, which is why it is also a popular nightlife zone.

There is so much experience a visitor can enjoy while on this artificial lake.
There is a bungee jumping facility, an outdoor paintball field and a golf course. This lake also has a vast number of basketball courts, beach volleyball courts etc, while there is a separate track around the whole lake for those that enjoy rollerblading or riding a bicycle. Around the lake there is also a walking path 7.5km long which is also often used by the locals willing to enjoy a pleasant walk or jogging.
During the summer season, a number of lifeguards are on the watch around the lake and there are also several ambulance vehicles ready to assist. There are also numerous free showers and bathroom facilities.

During the day, Ada Ciganija is a perfect place for a walk, to take a swim or to enjoy cold drinks or fast meals in one of the numerous cafes and restaurants around the lake. During the night, it is a perfect nightlife zone with several popular clubs with live music.

Interesting facts

  • There are no official records that would testify to the origin of the name Ada Ciganlija. It is believed by some that the origin of Ciganija comes from two Celtic words Singa (meaning - island) and Lia (meaning - marshlands). This would testify about the changing tides of the Sava’s waters, during low tides it was an island while during high tides it would turn into marshlands. With time, these two words became Ciganilja.
  • On the weekends during the summer, Ada Cignlija is visited by up to 300,000 people. Due to this fact, Ada Ciganlija is sometimes also referred to as Belgrade’s seaside.

The author of the article

N. Anđelić
BSc in demography
For any information regarding organized tourist tours of Belgrade do not hesitate to contact me.

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