NATO bombing of Serbia

NATO bombing of Serbia

Bombs, sirens and panic are a familiar feeling to the citizens of Serbia and Montenegro. Some of the bombed buildings from this period are still visible in parts of Belgrade. These sites even became tourist attractions, allowing the tourists to take unique photos but also to imagine what it was like for all that have experienced it.

The NATO forces attacked Serbia and Montenegro in 1999 in an aerial military operation which lasted for 78 days. In this operation numerous military buildings were bombed, but also civilian, infrastructural and industrial sites. The amount of bombs dropped on these countries was immense, provoking the damage from which these countries will not recover for decades to come. There are a few locations in Belgrade that became tourist sites for those interested in modern history. These sights are best visible in one of the central streets of Belgrade, Kneza Milosa Street.
According to some estimates, in the NATO operation ironically named Noble Anvil, material damage was from 30 to 100 billion dollars, while human casualties were around 2,500 killed and 5,000 wounded.

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