Rio de Janeiro:

The Imperial Museum

The Imperial Museum

The Imperial Museum is an amazing imperial palace, in the northern part of the city, which depicts the glorious past of Brazil. The museum is located in the former residence of Brazilian King Pedro the Second, who spent the summer months with his family in a neoclassical pink castle. After the decree about establishing Petrópolis was passed in 1843, the new city began to grow around a favorite palace, initially largely thanks to European immigrants.

The elegant museum building was built from 1840 to 1845. One hundred years after the laying of the foundation stone, on March 29, 1940, a museum moved into this prestigious palace, which today extends to 14 magnificent halls that provide their visitors with the opportunity to see valuable exhibits. The museum is visited annually by about 300.000 visitors. Also, the gardens of the museum are very impressive and lush, and were arranged by the Parisian landscape artist Jean-Baptiste Binot. About 100 different species of trees from all over the world grow here, including banana trees from Madagascar and incense from the Middle East. Arranged paths lead through lush vegetation, in which artistic statues and fountains stand out.

The exhibitions of the Imperial Museum consist of furniture and works of art that were once owned by the royal family. The lobby of the palace is made of Italian and Belgian marble, while some wooden pieces are made of mahogany. Visitors can visit numerous imperial rooms, including a music room, dining room, living room, reception room, etc.

The highlight of the exhibition are the jewels from the Brazilian crown, including the crown itself, which consists of 77 pearls and 600 diamonds. The scepter and the royal costume can also be seen in the museum.

There is a beautiful cafeteria in the museum, and many visitors say that the most beautiful place to drink coffee is right there.

Ticket price for the Imperial Museum
Regular ticket price: 10 BRL
Reduced ticket price: 5 BRL - for students and pensioners

Working hours of the Imperial Museum
The museum is open from 10 am to 6 pm

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