Rio de Janeiro:

The National Historical Museum

The National Historical Museum

The National Historical Museum of the city of Rio de Janeiro has been renovated and opened to the public in a new guise. The renovation of the museum took 6 years. The outbuildings and chapel of São João de Batista were restored, while the renovation of the main villa took a little longer. In addition to the exhibitions, the History Museum offers a virtual tour on its website in three languages, where it is possible to see approximately 200 items, from banners from XIX century, to photographs by Debret and engravings by Tom Ender, and even drawings.

When you approach the city park, which covers an area of ​​470.000 m2, away from the sounds of urban life, you can find the History Museum of the City of Rio de Janeiro. The museum was opened in 1934 to house the objects representing the history of the city. The collection numbers approximately 24.000 works of art, including photo collections, watercolors, engravings and lithographs.

Various elements and parts from the Brazilian National Archives and the Numismatic Office of the National Library contributed to the formation of the collection of the National History Museum. There was also cooperation with the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Ministry of the Army and Navy. The collection is complemented by the private collections of Senator Miguel Clamon. Another important collection are religious ivory sculptures, part of the collection of collectors Souza Lima. Today, the museum complex covers an area of ​​20.000 m2. It contains over 287.000 items, exhibited in more than 25 exhibition rooms.

The museum library alone has over 57.000 titles, many of which date back to the 15th century, and 50.000 documents and photographs.

The digital collection of the National History Museum (MHN) is open to the public on the museum's official website. The installation has about 500 works from the collection of paintings. In the first phase, three new collections were published: "Marinhas - De Martino", "Portraits of the Empire" and "Landscapes of Carioca".

Admission to the museum is free on Saturdays

Working hours of the National Historical Museum
From Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm

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