Rio de Janeiro:

What to buy in Rio de Janeiro?

What to buy in Rio de Janeiro?

Shopping in Rio can be an unforgettable experience. Of course, if you thought you would find luxury European brands here at affordable prices then you were wrong. Tariffs are quite high. However, what we recommend to our visitors is to buy local Brazilian ones that they will be delighted with, and if you give them as a gift to someone who has never visited Rio, then you will really hit a bull’s eye.

One of the classic products you can buy in Rio is Cachaça - an alcoholic beverage made from sugar cane extract. Drinks are available at any store or specialized liquor store. You can also buy golden Cachaça - this drink has aged longer, so it tastes better. For every recommendation.

You have them here too, but they are not as good as the ones made in Brazil - Havaianas. The basic fashion accessory for almost all feet in Rio de Janeiro are Havaianas slippers. The colors of the slippers you can find here are amazing, you just won't believe it. There are also different styles as well as personalized designs. It will be really useful for you in Rio.

Bananada is a popular Brazilian sweet and is a mix of banana and sugar. Of course, if you do not consume sugar, there are also healthier versions with honey. The cake can be topped with chocolate, but that is a matter of taste and customer’s desire. A wonderful candy to try and buy to take back home.

Goiabada is a popular delicacy in Brazil. The cake is made of agave and resembles a gelatinous mass. It is often combined with Minas Geraias, a local cheese that has an extremely mild taste. Goiabada is also packed in boxes as a souvenir to take away, so you can buy it in the city or at the airport on your way home. The taste is wonderful.

For peanut lovers, Paçoca is something extraordinary. It is made from crushed peanuts with the addition of flour and sugar. A very soft and sophisticated sweet that suits all lovers of peanuts and nuts.

We will also mention pé de moleque - peanut candy as well, but while paçoca grinds peanuts, whole caramel-coated peanuts are served here. The taste is very strong.
When you visit Rio, one of the things you have to buy is a bikini or Brazilian fio dental (literally translated as dental floss). It is a thong bikini, which we must admit is not for everyone, but it is a unique opportunity to buy it in Brazil, where it originated. This bikini is celebrated in Brazil and is very popular throughout South America.

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