Rio de Janeiro:

The Morro da Urca

The Morro da Urca

Morro da Urca actually marks the Urca mountain trail and is an unavoidable attraction for anyone who wants to understand how the city of Rio de Janeiro was founded in the 16th century. In this region, you will walk where the first city fortress was built, which was placed there with the aim of preventing naval invasions by French and Dutch invaders. Along the way, you will understand for yourself why the region was so strategically important.

Morro da Urca also has classic cable cars. When you climb the trail, it is possible to buy tickets for the cable car that leads to another hill, which is higher.

The first part of the trail has wooden steps and it is a very steep climb. When you reach the first lookout point, more or less halfway, turn left and continue walking until you reach the Morro da Urca access gate. Keep in mind that the gate closes at 18:00h.

This is a real attraction of the city of Rio and we recommend it to everyone.

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