Rio de Janeiro:

Pedra da Gávea Mountain

Pedra da Gávea Mountain

Pedra da Gávea is the largest coastal monolith in Brazil, rising to a height of 844 m from the ocean, separating the neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Conrado in the east and Bãrra da Tijuca in the west. Pedra da Gávea is a huge rock surrounded by native, lush vegetation, in the Atlantic rainforest. This massive rock is made of granite, and the rock itself looks eroded. As time passed, the damage caused by nature gave the vertical part of the rock the appearance of a human face. This natural incident led to many speculations whether it was all caused by nature or some ancient civilization. Portuguese explorers gave the mountain the name Gávea in 1502, due to the similarity in the appearance of the crow's nest. So, the name Pedro da Gávea basically means the Stone of the Crow's Nest.

There are tours organized at the foot of the mountain every day, so you can choose what you are interested in. It usually takes about 2.5 hours by bike, and there are various trails that the guides will recommend based on your experience and physical condition. If it’s hiking, we’re talking about 5h of climbing. The trails can be easier, for beginners, but also more difficult for experienced climbers. Also, most agencies that offer these options will provide you with water and food so you will only need sports equipment. This adventure is truly an amazing event and it is actually a complete distancing from the city and the city crowds. Our visitors will surely like it

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