Kos Island:

Tourist map of Thermal Spring Beach on Kos

How to reach Empros Therme thermal beach on the island of Kos
The easiest way to reach the Empros Therme thermal beach is certainly by car. As you can notice on the map, this beach is located a bit far away from any town on the island, therefore the car is the best option. From the Town of Kos you just need to Agioy Thoka road, the road that takes you next to the beachside and numerous resorts on this side of the island. It is located 11.4 kilometers away from the Kos Town. When you reach the beach you need to turn left in order to reach the beach itself which is located underneath a high cliff. You can park your car here on the crossroads or you can opt for reaching the beach by car as well. Next to the beach there is also an ample space to park your car.

(!) However, the road that leads to the beach is a paved road, therefore if you have rented a car it is stated in your lease agreement that you should not drive on paved roads, so it might be better to park your car at the crossroads, before heading to the beach.

Even if you decide to park your car at the beach, you will still have to walk a little till you reach the thermal beach.
There is also a bus, which takes the same route as described above and stops next to all resorts that are located along the way. This bus starts at the Kos town and goes all the way to the thermal beaches. It is quite easy to notice it, since it is written Therme on the bus.

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