Kos Island:

Thermal Spring Beach on Kos

Thermal Spring Beach on Kos

Kos is famous for its thermal spring beaches. Since the island of Kos is located in the seismically unstable region with a long history of violent earthquakes, the hot springs from the deep beneath the surface manage to reach the beaches of Kos making it one of the most popular attractions of the island.

When you reach the Empros Therme beach you will just notice a regular sight: a relatively normal beach hidden beneath a cliff, whilst the only difference are the large boulders placed in the shallows making it look like an artificial pool. These boulders were placed here in order to enclose the hot spring water that has been heated by the Earth’s core and that makes its way to the shallow waters of the Empros Therme beach.

The feeling when you dip your toes this artificial pool resists any simple description! One would expect a regular cold water of the sea, but instead one will be amazed by the hot water and a light sulfurous smell. It is simply a pleasure to all senses that will relax both your body and mind alike. The hot spring water oozes out in several places on the seabed therefore you can easily find you preferable water temperature by moving around this artificially made pool.
Do not miss it out, it is definitely an incredible experience!

Ticket prices for the Empros Therme thermal beach on the island of Kos
Surprisingly enough, the entrance to this beach is completely free of charge.

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