Monumental Cemetery

Monumental Cemetery

Camposanto Monumentale or Monumental Cemetery is a historical cemetery located in the Miracoli square in Pisa. The word "Camposanto" stands for a holy field because it is was originally constructed in Holy Land and brought to Pisa in the 12th century in the wake of the Fourth Crusade. The bodies buried in this soil are believed to rot in 24 hours.

The construction of this monumental cemetery started in 1278 by an architect Giovanni de Simone. The cemetery was built in Gothic style. Since de Simone died during the Great War against Genova, the cemetery was only completed in 1464. There is a belief that Camposanto was not meant to be  a cemetery at the onset but a church Santissima Trinita. However, the project was changed in its construction stage and eventually, the cemetery was built instead.
The outer wall consists of superb 43 arches. There are three chapels inside of the cemetery: Chapel Amanati, Chapel Aulla and Chapel del Poso.

During the fourteenth century, the inner walls were filled by picture perfect frescoes created by the two great artists of the time, Francesco Traini and Bonamico Buffalmacco. They were inspired by  Dante’s Divine Comedy. The most striking frescoes are the “Triumph of Death” and in the “Last Judgment” painted by Buffalmacco.
Camposanto contains numerous Roman epigraphs and the sarcophagi.

The ticket price for Camposanto Monumentale
The ticket price for Camposanto Monumentale is 5 euro.
If visitors wish to visit other monuments as well, Baptistery and Sinopie Museum, the ticket price for all three monuments is 8 euro.

Working hours of Camposanto Monumentale
Camposanto Monumentale is open every day from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

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