Tourist map of Pisa

On this map visitors may find all of the tourist attractions in Pisa, including: sights, museums, monuments, religious buildings and most famous bridges. You can zoom in or out the map and discover what is hidden in different zones of the city. This map is a very useful tool for those that wish to plan their trip and also allow to our visitors to get familiar with what is located near their accommodation in Pisa or next to the attractions in the city they do not want to miss.

Pisa is one of the most important cities in Tuscany. Pisa was once an independent Republic of Pisa with one of the most powerful fleets in Europe. In the 11th century already, Pisa became an important fleet power and took major part in trading in the Mediterranean Sea. With its mighty fleet Pisa brought home numerous victories against the ships of the Ottoman Empire.  Pisa's influence, at the time, spread to the Northern Africa as well.

Today Pisa is beautiful city, proud of its history, and full of positive energy thanks to numerous students who study in Pisa. Pisa is home to three most important universities in Italy. History lovers and those that appreciate religious art will be fascinated by the beauty of the Duomo Cathedral, the beauty of Leaning Tower and beauty of numerous Pisa’s bridges.

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