Ravenna seaside Lido di Dante

Ravenna seaside Lido di Dante

Lido di Dante is one of the beaches of Ravenna shore that is more appropriate for quiet vacations, long walks along the beach and relaxation. It does not have a developed infrastructure devoted to tourists, as opposed to the nearby Lido Adriano.

Lido di Dante is located around 15km from the center of Ravenna and it belongs to the group of Lidi Sud or southern beaches of Ravenna. Unlike Lido Adriano, this area was left undeveloped and undisturbed by excessive modernization. It is a perfect place for those that enjoy peaceful nature, camping or water sports. The only thing that can disturb this peaceful environment may be the oil platform that you can easily notice from the shore.
Finally, the beach is made of fine dust-like sand, just like in Lido Adriano.

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