Shopping and Accommodation

Shopping and Accommodation

Accommodation in Tivat is quite diverse. From private villas and apartments to luxurious hotels and those that are more affordable. Accommodation can be found near the sea, but also above the city, and therefore further away from the beach and the city center, but in a quieter setting.

Cafes, restaurants and lounge bars are spread all over the city, on the promenade in the city center (Magnolia Square), and the most popular once are situated in Porto Montenegro, a new modern marina.
Shopping in Tivat is also diverse, so prices vary. In the city center, the main shopping area is at Magnolia Square, located near the city's waterfront. In the Porto Montenegro marina, luxury boutiques and brands have found their place, from clothing stores to yacht shops and real estate.

Just a few kilometers from Tivat, on the main Adriatic highway that links Tivat and Budva, there are numerous large supermarkets that sell food and drinks.

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