Doll House Private Art Gallery

Doll House Private Art Gallery

Do you still think that you are too mature to play with dolls? Then you should definitely visit The Doll House and change your mind. The Doll House Private Art Gallery was founded in 1999 by the honoured art worker of the Republic of Karelia, Tatyana Kalinina. Originated as a private collection of her handmade puppets The Doll House finally became a favorite place for many children and adults, for locals and tourists. This gallery has a unique atmosphere of love and bliss, you feel easy and free, maybe because “It is never too late to play with dolls” as Tatyana once said.

The Gallery is located on the ground floor of the apartment building, has three exhibition halls and a workshop. The first thing you see once you’ve made the first step is a welcoming portrait of Tatyana Kalinina together with the Alexander Pushkin doll.
The central exhibition hall is devoted to the Russian fairy tales, especially “The tale of Tsar Saltan”. You have a great chance getting to know such famous characters like Tsar Saltan, the Swan Princess, Baba Yaga or even Koshei the Deathless.

The special hall named “Karelian spirits and Brownies of Kizhi” is not less popular among young and adult visitors. In this place you are getting to the world of Russian folk house and nature spirits: brownies, witches, leshy (wood demon), vodyanoy (water demon), rusalka (undine) and many others. It’s supposed that all these creatures can be kind or evil at the same time, only our spirit affects their attitude to people. So, don’t forget to bring a good mood!
In addition to the display of the permanent collection the Doll House Gallery hold temporary exhibitions of Russian artists.
And after you have visited all exhibition halls there is still one thing to be done! Take a special souvenir from Karelia or even better make a doll by yourself right at the workshop of the gallery. Who knows, probably you may make your own lucky charm there, which might as well save you from evil spirits.

Address: La Rochelle Embankment 13, Petrozavodsk

Working hours of the Doll house Private Art Gallery in Petrozavodsk
Open every day except Sunday from 12:00 am till 17:00 pm

Ticket prices for the Doll house Private Art Gallery in Petrozavodsk
Adults - 100 RUR
Students and pensioners – 50 RUR
Children (up to 6) – free
Excursion for groups (up to 10 persons) – 150 RUR/per person.

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