The Natural pools

The Natural pools

Natural Pools – The completely natural pools of Los Abrigos will surely offer you pleasure. Hidden from the nearby road by large stones, they are hard to spot if you don’t carefully look at them, but they are a truly wonderful place, which you can see from our photo.

When the waves are strong, the area is reserved only for the bravest, because at these times you will really think that the water will eject you from the pools and take you into the ocean. If the water if calm, this spot will surely provide you with one of the most beautifully spent days on Tenerife. The locals also visit the pools when they are not too crowded, and those who are familiar with the island know which beaches are less visited, which makes them a better choice.

The natural pools are located next to the so-called great red mountain, and just before the famous Playa Tejite.

You can easily find a parking spot in the area, but you cannot approach the pools by car. You should park some 100 meters away from the pools themselves, and complete the journey on foot. The more adventurous visitor definitely must visit this spot.

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