Sri Lanka:

Tourist map of Trincomalee beach and the Pigeon Island

How to arrive to Trincomalee beach and the Pigeon island
Trincomalee beach and the Pigeon island are located on the northeastern side of an island. It is 275km away from Colombo. In order to arrive to Trincomalee one can take the public transport. Bus 49 will take you directly from Colombo fort to Trincomalee. The ride lasts approx. 7h (depending on traffic) and the ticket costs approx. 900 LRK per person.

There is also an option to take a private bus with alternate current. The ticket price is a bit higher 1200 LRK per person.
Visitors can also rent a car. The price is 20€ to 30 € per day. Visitors may also rent a car with a driver. The price is 50 € per day.

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