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Trincomalee beach and the Pigeon Island

Trincomalee beach and the Pigeon Island

Trincomalee is a small town located on the northeastern coast of Sri Lanka. The beaches here are characterized by white sand and crystal- clear water which makes it a true paradise. As this area is less famous because it is located in the north it is also less crowded. The most famous beach is Nilaveli beach. It is characterized by wonderful white sand and complete peace and quiet. There are almost no tourists on this beach. Locals usually come to enjoy the sunset in the afternoon. This oasis will guarantee a true rest from the traffic and crowded places for you to get away from it all.

Trincomalee is also famous for whale watching. Although Mirissa whale watching is more popular what truly distinguishes these two places, Mirissa and Trincomalee, is the whale watching season. While in Mirissa whale watching season lasts from October till March, in Trincomalee the season is from March till August. This is so because from March till August, the ocean is too hot for the whales near the south coast and they tend to move north. Trincomalee whale watching is also less crowded so the experience is more  private and arguably better.

The Pigeon island is only 10 minutes boat ride away from Niaveli beach. Visitors should plan they visit especially if they love snorkeling, as this is one of the best places for that sport. An island is actually made of two small islands which were used by British soldiers in colonial years, as a military shooting range, for their practice in shooting and marksmanship. Boat tours can take you to Pigeon island on a regular daily basis, in the morning and afternoon, and we would definitely advise our visitors to go for it.

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