Sri Lanka:

Hikkaduwa beach in Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa beach in Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa is one of the most beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is an island with almost 1600 kilometers of coastline, with beaches that literally look like paradise. Even though tourists mainly come to Sri Lanka to spend their winter holidays there, this island tends to offer the same temperatures all year round (between 26 and 30 degree).

The island has two monsoon seasons. The main monsoon season in the southwest and the west parts of Sri Lanka brings rain from April to September whereas the other, less intense monsoon seasons brings rain to the northeast part of the island from November to March. If our visitors have in mind visiting Sri Lanka during winter months (from November to March) we would recommend them to choose the west and south coast of Sri Lanka for optimal sunshine.

Hikkaduwa is one of the most beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka. This beach is like the one you see on postcards and tourist agency commercials. It abounds in glittering gold-like sand and arguably the most popular coral reefs in the world. One may find several diving clubs there or go rogue and run rampant by choosing to snorkel away on their own. It is important to mention that this is very long beach and that on both sides one may find a perfectly isolated place cosseted away where literally there could be no tourists around. It might be worth your while to take a walk and discover a perfect hideout for just the two of you.

Along the beach there are many restaurants and local vendors of the kind coconut and other fruits like papaya, mango, pine apple etc. It is all really delicious and local vendors sell them at rather low very reasonable prices so we would recommend that our visitors should try one of the tasty specialties of Sri Lanka.

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