Sri Lanka:

Polhena beach in Sri Lanka

Polhena beach in Sri Lanka

Polhena beach is the most romantic beach in Sri Lanka. This small beach is mainly filled with locals who love to swim here since there are no huge waves. Polhena beach is located only 2 km from Matara city and offers a romantic shelter for couples who would like to separate themselves from other crowded beaches. It is important to mention that there is wonderful coral reef nearby, so this is also an ideal place for snorkeling.

When tsunami hit the Sri Lanka in 2004, it devastated the entire coast. This is the reason why, when entering into the water, in Polhena beach, visitors can find grained dead coral remains. Visitors can also buy here authentic Sri Lankan tees and shorts. The price is really symbolic, only 150 LRK for one short or 200 LRK for a great tee.

If our visitors have time, we would advise them to visit Sri Vishnu Maha Devalaya temple or often called the “The city of God”. It is close to Matara, so only a few kilometers away from Polhena beach. This temple, more than a thousand years old, is devoted to God Vishnu, who is known as the guardian of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.
 The temple was built by King Dhapulusen in 661 AD. The temple was later destroyed by the Portuguese and rebuilt by the king Rajasinghe II. The temple contains very beautiful frescoes from the ancient times. Visitors can also see the remains of an old temple as well as the new one, built only a few centuries ago. There is a large Buddha statue in the front part of the temple that overlooks the main street. This is a very popular place for pilgrims from Sri Lanka.

The most colorful event, that occurs in July every year, is called "Esala Perahera". This is very popular and very beautiful festival where many elephants and dancers participate. This Esala Perahera dates back to the time of "King Parakramabahu II" who ruled in the 13th century.

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