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Golden Cave Temple in Dambulla

Golden Cave Temple in Dambulla

The Golden Cave Temple in Dambulla was built in the first century BC. This has been the center of pilgrimage for Buddhists and Hindus for more then 20 centuries. The temple consists of 5 caves and 157 statues of Buddha in various sizes, forms and postures. The most conspicuous  statue is a 15-meter-high reclining Buddha that our visitors should not miss.  The ceiling inside of the temple is covered with amazing 2000 year old murals that portray the life of Buddha. Murals cover the total surface of incredible 2100m2. Visitors should also pay attention to the wall frescoes painted with indigenous traditional paints. Despite being painted over twenty centuries ago, colors of the frescoes are still very strong and expressive.

Skeletons that were almost 3000 years old were found near this temple which caused doubts whether prehistoric Sri Lankans actually lived in this place.
Due to the historical and artistic value of the spiritual place UNESCO listed the Golden Temple of Dambulla onto the list of World Heritage sites in 1991.

It is very important to mention that once visitors arrive to the large plateau in from of the enormous statue of the Golden Buddha, they actually will not have  arrived to the cave temple. Visitors should take the steps, located on the lefthand side and start climbing in order to reach the cave temple. It can be somewhat strenuous  to climb but it definitely is worth every effort.
Visitors shall also see a lot of monkeys along the road and in the caves as well. If visitors would like to spend some time playing with these smart animals, they should bring a couple of bananas with them.
There is also a museum in the ground plateau, where the golden Buddha statue is situated.

The ticket price for the Golden Cave Temple in Dambulla
The ticket price for the Golden Cave Temple in Dambulla is 1500 LRK per person.
Working hours of the Golden Cave Temple in Dambulla
the Golden Cave Temple in Dambulla is open every day from 7:00am to 7:00 pm (keep in mind that ticket office closes at 5:00 pm).

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