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Pidurangala Cave and Rock Temple

Pidurangala Cave and Rock Temple

Pidurangala Cave and Rock Temple is a rock formation located just a few kilometers from Sigiriya, and famous Sigiriya Rock Fortress that attracts thousands of tourists every year. Pidurangala is often overlooked as this temple is a bit smaller than the Lion’s Rock and it is more difficult to climb.

Pidurangala was formed by volcanic activity. The temple was home to all manner of monks who used to live in the cave for more then 2500 years. This temple gained popularity when King Kasyapa, who build Sigiriya, decided to move the monks who lived close to the Lion’s Rock, to a newly built temple and monastery in Pidurangala.

Climbing  this rock you will find a beautiful Buddha statue, that is 12,5 meters long. This used to be the largest Buddha statue in the world, made in rock. The Buddha’s head and chest were destroyed by treasure hunters in the 1960s, but soon after the incident it was reconstructed.

Once you reach the top of Pidurangala Rock you will be able to enjoy amazing landscape, the endless jungle, Sigiriya and Lion’s Rock in front in all its immensity, wonderful lakes and wildlife of Sri Lanka.
This temple represents a true beauty and valid substitution for the Lions Rock, given that it is located just a few kilometers from Sigiriya and the landscape is practically the same. The entrance fee for Pidurangala is 500 LRK per person. (approx. 2,5 EUR) while the entrance fee for the Lion’s Rock is 30 USD per person.

It is vitally important for our visitors to understand that climbing this rock is strenuous and that appropriate equipment, particularly footwear, as well as good physical fitness is required. Please take a look at our photo gallery. We would highly recommend a proper climbing footwear, lots of water and taking breaks often. It is  best to climb  Pidurangala in the morning or late afternoon.

(!) In order to reach the peak of Pidurangala it will take approx. 1h to 2h, depending on your physical fitness.

The regular entrance fee for Pidurangala is 500 LRK.

Working hours of Pidurangala is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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