Sri Lanka:

Tourist map of Pidurangala Cave and Rock Temple

How to arrive to Pidurangala Cave and Rock Temple
Pidurangala is located 70km away from Kandy, so if you plan to visit Pidurangala from Kandy we would advise you to set off early in the morning as this tends to be a lengthy journey. If you would like to do both, Pidurangala and the Lion’s Rock, then we would advise you to find yourself some accommodation to turn in for the night near these two Rocks as it will take all day to climb both.
From Kandy, you can take a car with a driver. We paid 5500 LRK for it, but we also visited the Golden Temple and spice garden and botanical garden, which was on our way there.
Visitors can also rent a car without a driver which costs from 20USD to 30 USD per day.

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