Saint Vitus Cathedral in Prague

Saint Vitus Cathedral in Prague

Saint Vitus Cathedral is a building that dominates Prague Castle. This beautiful cathedral is visible all the way from the center of the city and the banks of the Vltava River, and seem like it has been keeping a watch on the city for centuries. The entrance to a smaller part of the church is free of charge and it would be a pity to miss it.

Saint Vitus Cathedral dominates Prague Castle with its impressive size and beauty - this contrast is so obvious that all the other buildings of the castle seem quite small. This building is the most important cathedral in the Czech Republic and by all means the largest one. It represents the seat of the Archbishop and a place where both Bohemian and Holy Roman rulers, as well as patron saints and archbishops were buried.
Saint Vitus Cathedral is actually the third building constructed on this location. Two other churches were previously built on the same spot. First, in the 10th century, Prince Vaclav I founded a church here - a Romanesque Rotunda (a round-shaped church). In the 11th century, this church was transformed into a basilica, since the previous one was too small for the rising Christian community. Finally, in the 14th century, Charles IV started the construction of Saint Vitus cathedral. Despite enormous efforts of some sovereigns, the cathedral was only finished in 1929 with some works on the interior continuing even later.
In the center of the cathedral there is Saint Wenceslas chapel. The chapel is beautifully decorated with semi-precious stones and frescoes to emphasize the importance of the most important patron Saint.

Ticket prices for the Saint Vitus Cathedral in Prague
The entrance to a smaller part of the cathedral is free of charge. In order to visit the whole building you will need to buy one of the cumulative tickets of the Prague’s Castle. For more information about different ticket options, we suggest you read the article Museums and Monuments of the Prague’s Castle.
The Great South Tower of S. Vitus Cathedral
You can decide to ascend to the top of the South Tower of the cathedral and enjoy the view of the castle as well as the city center that is not so distant.
Regular ticket price is: 150 CZK.
(!) There are no discounts.

Working Hours of the Saint Vitus Cathedral in Prague
From Monday to Saturday working hours are: 09:00- 17:00h.
On Sundays working hours are: 12:00- 16:45h.

Interesting facts

  • The dimensions of the cathedral are 60x124 meters, with two towers that measure impressive 97 and 82 meters.
  • Saint Wenceslas I (the Duke of Bohemia) is considered a Saint and protector of the Czech nation. He was a distinguished politician and statesman, ruling from 921 till 935, when he was murdered. His assassination was plotted by his brother (Boleslav the Cruel) and executed on a doorstep of a church by a group of knights. Due to the fact that he was assassinated and because of his growing popularity, Wenceslas was considered a martyr and Saint ever since. The 28th September, the day Prince Wenceslas was murdered, became a state holiday celebrated as Saint Wenceslas Day.

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