Troja Castle in Prague

Troja Castle in Prague

Troja is a beautiful villa or castle next to the Prague zoo. The whole interior is covered with beautiful frescoes, while in front of the villa there are impressively maintained gardens that make the whole complex more charming. Troja is located outside the city, but definitely worth visiting.

Tourists call it different names - villa Troja, castle Troja, Troja Palace, or Château Troja, while its original name in Czech is Trojský zámek. The castle is located just across the street from the Prague Zoo, therefore it is convenient to visit both tourist attractions at once.
Troja Castle was built in the Baroque style by Count Wenzel Adalbert of Stenberg in 1679. The Count traveled extensively across Europe and he was so mesmerized by the beauty of villas in Rome that he decided to transfer a piece of the Eternal City to his homeland.
While visiting the castle, make sure to have a look at the beautiful gardens where the entrance is free of charge. The interior of the palace is completely decorated with beautiful frescoes. The most interesting part of the interior is certainly The Imperial Hall. In case you are interested in seeing a preview of the Imperial Hall you can visit the official webpage of the Troja Castle.
Since 1989, the Troja Castle has belonged to the City Gallery of Prague, so from time to time temporary art exhibitions are organized.

Interesting facts

  • The staircase between the palace and the gardens is decorated with statues that symbolize a mythical battle between Gods of Olympic and Titans. However, people used to associate this scene with the Battle of Troy and this is the reason why it is called The Troy Castle.
  • Along the history, the castle has had many owners, one of which was even Maria Theresa. The last owner was Jan Svoboda who donated it to the state.

Ticket prices for the Troja Castle in Prague
Regular ticket price is: 120 CZK.
Reduced ticket price is: 60 CZK.
Reduced price: children older than 10 and students.
Families: 250 CZK.
Senior citizens over 65: 30 CZK.
We advise you to check ticket prices and working hours before visiting – check the official website of the Troja Castle in Prague.

Working hours the Troja Castle in Prague
The Troja Château is closed during the winter period; it is usually opened from May 5 till November 11.
Troja Castle
On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays working hours are: 10:00-18:00h.
On Fridays working hours are: 13:00-18:00h.
On Saturdays and Sundays working hours are: 10:00-18:00h.
Closed: Mondays.
Gardens of the Troja Castle
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:00-18:00h.
Friday 13:00-18:00h.
Saturday-Sunday 10:00-18:00h.
Closed: Mondays.

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