Tourist map of Sempione Park and Arch of Peace

How to Reach Sempione Park and the Arch of Peace in Milan
The Park Sempione is located near the city center of Milan, which is why most tourists decide to walk to this park from the Duomo Cathedral. For those not interested in walking, the best choice would be the metro. We suggest you also consider visiting the Sforza Castle, in which there are six museums, better known under the cumulative name Sforza Castle Museums and the Branca Tower, from which you will have a unique view on the city and the whole region.

Station Cadorna; it’s on the Green line, Metropolitana 2 (MM2) and on the Red line Metropolitana 1 (MM1).
Station Cairoli; it’s on the Red line Metropolitana 1 (MM1).
Station Lanza; it’s on the Green line Metropolitana 2 (MM2).

Tram- 1, 4 (stop at the entrance of Castello Sforzesco), 19 (Arco della Pace) 2, 12, 14.
Buses- 50, 57, 58, 61, 94.

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