Sempione Park and Arch of Peace

Sempione Park and Arch of Peace

Park Sempione in Milan offers a wonderful chance for a walk and sightseeing. Green areas, fresh air and shade will invigorate those that enjoy nature, sport activities, or just a walk. The park offers a great view of both Sforza castle and the Arch of Peace.

Sempione park (Parco Sempione) and Branca Tower (Torre Branca)
It is a public park and a popular place for both localsand tourists to escape the city life and enjoy sport activities. It offers a panoramic view on Sforza Castle as well as Arch of Peace.
It was established in 1888, designed by the architect Emilio Alemagna. It offers green areas, areas for sport activities and a playground for children. There are even permanent sculptures of Arman, Francesco Barzaghi, Giorgio de Chirico and Antonio Paradiso in the park.
Within the park there is Branca Tower (Torre Branca). This steel tower, 108 meters high, offers a great view on Milan and on a clear day you could even see the Alps and the Apennines.

Arch of Peace (in Italian Arco della Pace)
Even though its origins can be traced back to the Roman Empire, its modern looks owe to the architect Luigi Cagnola. The construction started in 1807 under Napoleon’s rule. After the fall of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy, the work stopped and it was resumed later in 1826. The work was completed in 1838.
The gate is located at the end of the park Sempione, opposite the castle Sforza. This beautiful area around the gate is packed with restaurants and cafes and it will offer a perfect place for a break after a long walk in the park.  This area is also very well-known for its nightlife, where you can enjoy an aperitivo.

Price and working hours Branca Tower
Regular ticket price is: 5 Euros (€).

Summer working hours (mid May-mid September)
Tuesday-15:00-19:00h/ 20:30-00:00h 
Wednesday- 10:30-12:30h/ 15:00-19:00h/20:30-00:00h
Thursday, Friday-15:00-19:00h/ 20:30-00:00h
Saturday, Sunday-10:30-14:00h/ 14:30-19:30h/ 20:30-00:00h

Winter working hours (mid September-mid May)
Wednesday-10:30-12:30h/ 16:00-18:30h
Saturday- 10:30-13:00h/ 15:00 - 18:30h/ 20:30-00:00h
Sunday- 10:30-14:00h/ 14:30-19:00h

Interesting facts

  • On the June 8th, Napoleon III and Vittorio Emanuele II triumphantly entered the city through the Arch of Peace.
  • According to the wish of Benito Mussolini (the leader of Italian National Fascist Party) the height of the Branca tower wasn’t to be greater than the highest point of Duomo together with the statue of Madonnina (108,5 m). Allegedly he said:  “Humans should not exceed the divine”, by which he meant that the height of Branca Tower should not exceed the height of Duomo Cathedral.
  • Branca Tower was built in 1933 in only 68 working days.
  • The chariot on the top of Arch of Peace originally faced France, but when the city got under the Austrian rule in 1815 it was turned to face the city center.
  • The Arch of Peace is 25m high and 24m wide.

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