Monumental Cemetery in Milan

Monumental Cemetery in Milan

This cemetery offers a wide variety of scaled-down temples and monuments, sculptures and tombs of the most well-known citizens. It is the second most visited touristic site in Milan, the entrance is Free.

It is one of the two largest cemeteries in Milan. It is famous for the numerous artistic sculptures and scaled-down temples that mark the graves of the famous Italians. According to some data it is the most visited site in Milan after Duomo.
At the entrance to the cemetery there is a large structure of marble and stone called Famedio, which exhibits the tombs of some of the most honored citizens including the tomb of Alessandro Manzoni (Italian novelist most famous for the novel The Betrothed (I promessi sposi) which was the symbol of the Italian revolution).
Many of the tombs belong to the industrial dynasties members and were made by famous sculptors and architects, such as Luca Beltrami, Giò Ponti, Pietro Cascella, Giò Pomodoro, Giacomo Manzù, Arturo Martini, Lucio Fontana, Medardo Rosso, Vincenzo Vela and Adolfo Wildt.
(!) The siren will mark the closing time, and it is wise to head towards the exit.
(!) The respectful clothes and behavior is required.

Ticket prices for the Monumental cemetery in Milan
The entrance is FREE of charge.
(!) One way metro ticket is 1.5€ and the entrance to the cemetery is free. Nevertheless, some tourist agencies will charge as high as 40-50€ for the tour.

Working hours of the Monumental Cemetery in Milan
From Tuesday to Sunday working hours are: 8:00-18:00h.
Cemetery is closed- All Mondays, 1st January, Easter, Easter Monday, 1st May, 2nd Jun, 15th August, 8th,25th,26th December.

Interesting facts

  • The cemetery has a special section for those who are not Catholic and there is also a Jewish section.

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