Public gardens Indro Montanelli in Milan

Public gardens Indro Montanelli in Milan

This large park called Indro Montanelli Park is a perfect place for recreation, for a pleasant walk or just a chance to take a deep breath in the oldest park in Milan. The park is located close to the city center and represents a green oasis that offers a chance to escape from the city hustle and noisy traffic. You may also choose to dedicate your time to the cultural heritage since these gardens are home to the Museum of Natural History and the Gallery of Modern Art.

The public gardens Indro Montanelli extend over an area between Corso Venezia, Palestro Street and Manin Street, covering the total surface of 172,000m². Originally, the gardens belonged to Dugnani family (Milan’s merchant family) and were used as land for cultivation. In 1780, under the Austrian rule, the architect Giuseppe Piermarini was assigned to renew the entire area and create a city park. The gardens include cultural and architectural heritage such as Palazzo Dugnani, The Museum of Natural History and the Gallery of Modern Art.
Today’s appearance of the gardens dates back to the 19th century and the work of two architects- Balzaretto and Alemagna, who were in charge of extending the park. Unlike their colleague who followed the French formal garden style, Balzaretto and Alemagna preferred an English park model with groves, small lakes and statues of famous people.
Today, this park is widely used by both the citizens of Milan and tourists, mostly for recreation and pleasant walks where they can enjoy the green areas in the heart of the city and hide from the city life.
(!) Ever since 1996, there is an organized event during the month of May - the “Orticola” market – where you can see and purchase all kinds of garden flowers and plants. The entrance price for this event is €9 and working hours are from 9:30 – 19:30h.
(!) It is possible to do jogging along the park’s marked paths, an opportunity that is attractive to both locals and visitors.

Interesting facts

  • The previous name of the park was Bastioni di Porta Venezia, taking into consideration that Porta Venezia, a monumental gate of Milan, is right next to the park. The name was changed to Indro Montanelli Gardens, in honor of the popular writer and journalist from Milan, who was shot here in 1977. In 2002, his statue was placed near the place where he was killed.
  • Originally, the gardens included two monasteries, San Dionigi and Carcanine, which were closed under the Austrian rule. Austrians had an extended plan of urbanization, which was based on the availability of large areas that belonged to suppressed religious institutions.
  • The creation of the park was assigned to the architect Piermarini and it was built between 1782 and 1786. A large number of workers, who worked on this project, were actually prisoners who served a life sentence.
  • A part of the park was meant to be transformed into Milan’s Zoo, but this idea was abandoned in 1992.

Working hours gardens Indro Montanelli in Milan
The working hours vary depending on the season of the year.
January and February 06:30 – 20:00h.
March and April 06:30 – 21:00h.
May 06:30 – 22:00h.
June – September 06:30 – 23:30h.
October 06:30 – 21:00h.
November and December 06:30 – 20:00h.

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